Parts Manuals are for reference only, please check with your local authorized Dinli USA Dealer for assistance or to purchase factory parts and accessories. 
Some Parts Manuals can be downloaded in a pdf file, others may be viewed online. 

Download PDF/Word Parts Manuals:

DL-501 Parts Manual - 2002 Dino / Mini-Rex

DL-501 Parts Manual - 2003+ Dino / Mini-Rex 

DL-502 Parts Manual - JP50

DL-503 Parts Manual - Cobia

DL-601 Parts Manuals - 2001+ T-Rex

DL-601 Parts Manuals - 2002 Beast/Diamond Back

DL-601 Parts Manuals - 2003+ Beast/Diamond Back

DL-603 Parts Manuals - 2002 90cc Helix

DL-603 Parts Manuals - 2003 90cc Helix 

DL-603 Parts Manual - 2004+ 90/150cc Helix

DL-604 Parts Manuals - Diablo

DL-701 Parts Manual - Go-Kart

E02 150cc Engine Parts Manual

E06 50-110cc Engine Parts Manual


Dinli Accessories - Parts Manual


Download PDF/Word Service Manuals:

DL-501 Service Manual - Dino / Mini-Rex

DL-502 Service Manual - JP50

DL-601 / DL-603 Service Manual

ATV 150cc Service Manual


Electrical Doc 1

Electrical Doc 2 - ATV Ignition & Remote Control Kill Tests




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