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Diablo 150
DL603 150
DL603 90
Beast 110
Beast 90
Diamond Back 90
Diamond Back 50
Cobia 50
JP 50
Dino 50

Dinli USA, LLC located in Atlanta, GA is the exclusive distributor for Dinli ATVs in the U.S.
  • Dinli USA, LLC signed an exclusive long-term distribution agreement with Dinli Metal in October 2005.
  • Dinli USA, LLC is an independent distributor of Dinli ATV's.
  • Dinli USA, LLC purchased certain assets of Dinli L.P., the previous distributor, in October 2005.  We did not purchase the company and are not responsible for their liabilities.
  • Our sales team has built a national network of dealers and is continually expanding this list of Dinli dealers. If you would like to become a dealer, please contact our sales department toll free at 770-874-1206.

Dinli Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. located in Taiwan is the manufacturer of Dinli ATVs.
  • Dinli Metal was established in 1983 as a steel wholesaler.
  • Research and development on ATVs began in January 1996 and mass-production started in March 1999.
  • Today, Dinli Metal produces over 100,000 ATVs annually and has become one of Taiwan's largest ATV exporters.
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